Friday, July 22, 2011

Having an impact across campus

Following up on yesterday's post about stand-up meetings, I heard a great story today about an impact that the Morgan's Raid team has had in a distant corner of Ball State University campus.

Towards the end of the Spring semester, James Mitchell from the Career Center gave a one-hour workshop called "How to Market Your Immersive Learning Experience." This was in the middle of the sprint, so he observed the team hold one of their stand-up meetings before the workshop. This is the short meeting at the start of each work day in which each team member shares what they have done since yesterday, what they plan to have done for tomorrow, and what impediments are in the way.

Today is the last day of the Digital Archaeology Project, and James joined us to give the workshop to this group of students. He told me that he was so impressed by the Morgan's Raid team's stand-up meeting that he has pushed the staff of the Career Center to do something similar, with the hope of improving communication and camaraderie.

Score one for agile philosophy!

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