Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Escape

When a student reminded me that the next Ludum Dare competition would be this weekend, at first I was excited about using it as a creative way to ring in the new semester. My plan was to learn more of the toolchain involved in making a simple game in Unity in order to leverage that experience in teaching Game Programming this semester. I spent some time this past week tinkering with Blender for the first time, watching tutorials and making some very simple models. As the weekend drew closer and the real stresses of starting the semester began to rear their heads, I realized that my time would probably best be spent in a combination of last-minute planning and spending quality time with the family.

Ludum Dare announced their theme for the 48-hour game development competition Friday evening: "Escape." After sleeping on the theme, I was inspired Saturday morning to make an entry. So, for your gaming pleasure, I present to you The Escape.

You could call it a puzzle game.

I'll write more about the development in a later post.


  1. Magically works for OSX Lion:

  2. Thanks for checking that out! I'll edit the post.

  3. I think you took the theme too literally ;)
    Where did you get the sounds from?

  4. @Josh: I made them, of course. That's me jamming on the slide whistle in the main game and the credits, and I had Alex help with the win and loss screens. Originally, I had Alex giving a strange monologue, which I pitch-shifted, echoed, and reversed to make a very ominous sounding mystical chant. It was a nice feel, but when Jess playtested it, she thought that it was some kind of coded message to help figure out how to escape. I did not want to be intentionally deceiving, so I replaced that with the slide whistle.