Monday, December 19, 2011

Books for practitioners

At the end of the semester, a few students asked me for technical book recommendations. I have listed below the books that I tend to reference most often in my teaching and in my practice. Links to Amazon's listings are provided, not because I specifically endorse Amazon, but they sure are convenient.

All of these books are worth reading, but where you start depends on your interests. If you are interested specifically in object-oriented design, definitely start with Holub on Patterns. Clean Code and The Pragmatic Programmer are replete with bite-size tips that can immediately make you a better professional. Pragmatic Thinking and Learning is not about technology per se, but rather it is about how to be a more effective learner. Finally, Cockburn's book is the largest and most academic on the list, but it provides tremendous insight into how one can approach software development methodologies from a perspective that is both humanistic and scientific.

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  1. These are on my wishlist, thanks for putting this list together.