Sunday, April 15, 2012

Resources for Games, Fun, and Learning

In February, I spoke at the Ball State University Department of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Series as their once-a-semester "outside speaker." I used the opportunity to put together a presentation entitled Games, Fun, and Learning, and I provided an introduction to these three topics, their intersection, and why  this line of scholarship is important. The presentation was a big hit, so much so that we had to move to a larger lecture hall before starting. My friends at the Emerging Media Initiative had heard about the presentation but many of them could not make it, and so they arranged for me to give a repeat performance, which I did last Friday. The slides from Friday's talk are available, although they are probably more useful as a refresher to those who attended than to those who are new to the domain.

Much of the talk involved highlights from some of my favorite resources, and during Q&A, I was asked if I had these all together in one place. For your browsing pleasure, here's a list of the works I referenced in the presentation and in the Q&A portion.
Enjoy! Thanks again to the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Emerging Media Initiative for hosting these talks.

EDIT: The EMI talk has been put online. See this blog post for details.

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  1. Awesome collection here. Not for just even the immediate links, but I feel like I'll be crawling down the spider web of knowledge in this post for ages. Thank you for that opportunity!