Friday, February 12, 2016

What's on the wall?

My post from earlier today was, pretty clearly, my attempt to jot down thoughts about this semester's studio project before they got away from me. I found myself with an unexpected half-hour or so, which was just right for writing.

But I know why you all really come here: the pictures! So, what's on the wall in the studio today?

On the East wall, we have a great collection of posters and sketches. I encouraged students to bring in some wall decorations early in the semester, and one jumped right on that, bringing the Teemo and Smite posters, and later, the calendar. Once we got our theme, someone else brought in, "Keep Calm and Find Monsters." Today, we got the addition of some thematic Darkest Dungeon images and several original drawings for in-game monsters.

On the West wall is the result of our post-planning UI design workshop. A few of us were standing with markers, a few sitting besides, and everyone was listening in. Out of these emerged a few core ideas that we're going to run with, including: using a 4:3 aspect ratio (give or take); using the left quarter of the screen to show persistent status such as scores and player names, and to give access to options such as restarting the game; showing a world map in the main play area, with a "card" metaphor for encounters.

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