Friday, September 23, 2016

A bit of Unreal Engine and the Benefits of Source Code

Several years ago, I looked into Unreal Development Kit for use in my game programming courses. At the time, you had to know C++ to get the most of it, and my students generally didn't know C++, so I invested hardly any time in pursuing UDK. I had heard in Spring 2015 how Epic made Unreal Engine 4 completely free for developers, including making the source available. It wasn't until about two weeks ago that I was inspired to take a look at UE4. Turns out, it is extremely easy to access the source and build it on Linux, and so I've been tinkering with a project for two weeks or so. I have been keeping notes about my attempts to learn UE4, and I may blog about that more later.

This story is about how I got some core gameplay working and decided it was time to slap a HUD on the game. I checked a few pages of documentation and proceeded to create my first HUD blueprint. Upon trying to open it, the editor crashed. That's pretty uncommon, so I restarted it and tried again, and it crashed again. That's really uncommon, so I restarted again,  but I asked Google about it while UE4 was starting up. Turns out it's a known bug in the latest release. However, someone posted a workaround, which is to revert a specific commit from the repository.

I've never actually done that before, but a little bit of searching revealed that it was pretty easy. I didn't actually clone the whole UE4 project history, only the latest release, but I was able to get the patch for the commit by appending ".patch" to the github URL. (That is, it's, although you need to sign in and agree to Epic's terms to get source access; note that you can do this with any commit URL on github, which I did not know before.) I saved that to a file and reversed the commit via:
git apply -R

Couldn't be easier! Rebuilding the project via 'make' took just a minute or so, much less than the full build. Now, I can edit HUD widgets! I am still not good at it, but hey, we have to take this one step at a time.

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