Thursday, January 19, 2017

Painting Runebound: Caught in a Web

Here's a nice short painting post for a change. Right around Christmas, I picked up the Caught in a Web expansion for Runebound 3e, which as my previous post shows, is a game I play rather frequently. I'm still in the middle of a big Descent painting project, but I put some of those guys on hold so I could work on Jonas the Kind.

The armor was painted with Vallejo Air Steel and hit with two coats of P3 Armor Wash. I've been catching up on Sorastro's painting videos, and he tends to further highlight metallics by mixing them with whites and ivories. The Vallejo Air is fantastically smooth to brush on, but it doesn't mix with other paints for beans. I ended up leaving it as-is, since the steel is already very bright and the wash had done a fine job of adding shadows.

For the gold, I thought I'd give my Vallejo Air Gold another shot, after having mixed results when I painted the base set heroes. I don't know exactly what happened to it, but the whole bottle was basically just thin blue ... medium? There was some gold material stuck to the inside top of the bottle, but all that came out was this useless fluid. I tossed it, and I'm thinking about trying to find some Game Color Glorious Gold, which is clearly Dr. Faust's preferred one, since he uses it all the time.

In the game art, Jonas has flowing golden locks, truly almost comical. I mean, look at this Fabio hair:

My approach gave him a more muted, brown hue with highlights. It's still pretty glamorous, without becoming orange.

Final note: I tried something different with the photograph here. My Nexus5X camera has a hard time finding the temperature I want on the photo since I'm shooting on a white background, so I tried setting it to fluorescent rather than auto. Also, I used Snapseed's auto-white-balance feature instead of picking a white point manually. The background ends up looking grey up against the pure white of this blog background, but the colors of the miniature look true, though muted. Maybe I'll try another setting later, but for now, it's kind of a one-off, the only miniature in this expansion.

By this point, the text-per-miniature is probably too high for one post, so that's all for now. I have some shadow dragons to varnish.

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