Monday, April 2, 2018

Burning down hours, burning up coffee

My game development studio decided, at the end of Sprint 2, to start tracking how many cups of coffee they consume from our communal Keurig each day. Truly, this is an exceptional team in terms of coffee consumption, and they recognized this might be an interesting bit of data to track. They finished Sprint 3 last Friday, and so today I tallied up the results on the coffee tracker, and I added a new vertical to the burndown chart:

The careful observer will note that I had a bit of trouble placing the dots, since we're measuring cups of coffee consumed on a different scale than hours burned down. Hours remaining are counted at the beginning of each MWF meeting, so the first data point is the total original estimate and steady leads to zero. For coffee, we're counting cups consumed each day, including the first and last days.

To facilitate smoother tracking for Sprint 4, I added a new right vertical to my template:
Time will tell if the right vertical axis values are correct.

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