Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Design thinking graphic

Design thinking.

I needed this image for a proposal I am writing. I can't tell you how many times I've sketched this. It's not quite as pretty as the one I had been using, but it saves me space in the attributions, and it should be reproducible in greyscale without trouble.

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  1. The first year students in my program take a class called Interaction Design Practice, and one of the things they have to do is sketch what they think "playing the whole game [of design]" looks like. One of the teams this year made this video, which I think you might be interested in. This design thinking stuff is a lot of what my program is based on ;)

    1. It's an interesting video, but it's not clear to me that it achieves the goal of "the whole game." Perhaps a narrative behind it would help, making it a complement to a discussion of design. The video can be interpreted by someone who already knows what design is, but that's not really much of a commendation. What is a design novice's reaction to it? Was the animation itself subject to a design process? :)

      To me, a critical part of design is iteration, which implies constant or at least periodic evaluation. The video includes "Test and Iterate" as essentially a still phase of a the process, which is dangerous---especially in a medium where the concept could be demonstrated more effectively.

      Perhaps what this really shows is that having cheap and easy tools to create digital content highlights the need to develop deeper skills than just production. As a colleague from animation told me the other day, making a really good one-minute animation can take six months of work.

  2. The assignment is mostly just to get them thinking about the design "process," so what results is really just supposed to be a personal reflection. This team just happened to make a public video haha.

    We gave them the same critique about the iteration part of the video. I'm pretty sure they understand that iteration is involved throughout, but they made this video outside of all of their normal classwork, so they didn't have a lot of time to fix it ;)