Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GDG Muncie Slides on Serious Game Development with Java

On Friday, I gave a talk to the Muncie Google Developers' Group on the topic of serious game development with Java. It is a refinement of the talk I gave at the IndyJUG in Summer 2013. The notes from that presentation are still appropriate, and I promised I would post the slides as well, so here they are (PDF).

In retrospect, I probably could have split the presentation half, focusing on some interesting technical aspects of Morgan's Raid or Equations Squared and saving the other for another presentation. It's relatively easy to design a presentation for a group with similar experience and ability, such as an undergraduate course, compared to the variety at a public meeting such as a GDG or JUG. Something to consider, anyway. After having been giving public talks on game design recently, it was nice to give a talk on the more technical side.

Thanks to Chris, the Muncie GDG organizer, for the invitation to speak, as well as the nifty new mug. Here it is in its inaugural use, Monday morning before my 8AM class, a light roast of Papua New Guinea beans from Compulsion Coffee.

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